Upcoming Camps

2020 Spring Weekend Camp

Our 2020 Spring Weekend Camp, offer an exciting robotics class every Saturday from April 4 to June 6, facing students from Grade 5 to 8. Students learn to build their own robots that can compete with each others. You can choose from two available sessions, either Saturday morning or afternoon.



2020 Summer Camp

Come and join us at the 2020 Summer Camp, a 14-day VEX and English Camp that brings full of fun and knowledge! Through various forms of science / technology / engineering / mathematics, project-based teaching mode, and repeated preparations and presentations, students will experience the most advanced technology in North America and immersive learning environment to practice listening and speaking skills.




After Class Camp



Current Camps



Past Camps

2019 Fall After School Robotics Camp

2018 Summer Robotics Camp

2018 Summer Video Game Programming Camp

2018 Summer Robotics Camp