Remember those old days, playing Battle City with friends?

If you can develop your own Battle City or whatever games in you mind, isn't it cool!

If you can also apply your skills and fulfill your dream to become a game developer in the future, isn't it even cooler!


Time for a true display of game programming skill!

We all like playing games! There are many teenagers dream of becoming a game developer. Teens now have the opportunity to learn programming from elementary school or even from kindergarten. However, many of those training only offers out of practical, entry level programming skills and experiences. Those "rough" programming skills will not likely help them in future study and career.

Our online Game Programming course offers programming and game development knowledge on a total different level. We provide our students with skills that are easy to learn but also useful for the future. Students can easily apply what they learned here to their university courses, or even to their career in the future.

We use leading game programming platform GameMaker from YoYo Games. GameMaker simplifies the development process as much as possible and provides students with all the resources they need to develop their own games.


With GameMaker, I went from no programming knowledge to full-time developer in 2 years!

-Seth Coster - Butterscotch Shenanigans - Crashlands

Its build in language, GameMaker Language (GML) is based on C programming language, gives students all the power of other programming languages while being easy to learn. Students are not just learning "toy" languages to build some "demo game", but instead, learning truly useful and practical languages that are based on the most popular programming language in the world.