Frequently asked question about the Game Programming Course:

  1. What's the right age for game programming?
    1. 12 years old and older
  2. How is Zerone Lab different from other?
    1. Our partners are at the forefront of everything STEAM related on the world stage.
    2. The University of Waterloo Big Data Research Lab, and VEX Robotics are respected institutions internationally and provide us with the best resources available to allow your child to advance in STEAM, as far as their imagination.
  3. What software and programming language will be used?
    1. Will be using Game Maker Studio 2
    2. Programming Language used is Drag n Drop from Game Maker Studio 2, so students can focus more on logic rather than complicated syntax of advanced programming languages.
  4. What can I gain from this course?
    1. One of the easiest ways to get a taste of programming basics for kids is with the fun! At the end of the course, students will make their own “Battle City” games.
    2. Your child will learn:
      • Creative thinking
      • Engineering design process
      • Math and logic development
  5. Language for classroom delivery and course materials?
    1. The course material is prepared together with University of Waterloo Big Data Research Lab.
    2. All courses material and classes will be taught in English; however, our Teacher assistants and customer representatives can speak Chinese.
  6. Do students need to have prior experience with coding?
    1. No! We welcome any students who are interested in game programming to join us. (12 years old and older*)
  7. Is there any follow-up training?
    1. Stay tuned, our team is developing many upgraded versions of game programming courses.
  8. How many students in a class? How many teachers?
    1. We will have between 12 to 20 students in a class, we have total of three teaching instructors. One teacher and two teacher assistants.
  9. How do I get help after class?
    1. We offer 15 minutes one-no-one communication with students right after class.
    2. Students can also send an email to one of our instructors, we either give affirmation to the student who asked the question or defer the answer to the next class if the questions have been asked by many students.
    3. We also provide online discussions for students can interact with teacher and peer posts by sharing text messages, replying to others' posts, voting, responding to polls, sharing and annotating pictures, and submitting drawings.
  10. How should I get prepared before class?
    1. Students need to have a computer (or laptop) and internet access, either Windows or Mac work.
  11. In addition to the registration fee, do I need to pay other fees?
    1. No, not only that, we also give away free 1-year GameMaker Studio 2 license.
  12. Can parents sit-in the class with their children?
    1. We do not recommend parents to attend classes with their children, we encourage students to work on their project independently.
  13. Refund policy?
    1. Sorry, we do not give refund but a credit note will be given.
  14. What if I miss a class?
    1. We do not provide make-up class; however, each class will be accompanied by a step-by-step detailed tutorial the students could follow. Videos for selected lessons will also be published.



Frequently asked question about Robotic Camps:

  1. What is the appropriate age group for the Zerone VEX IQ camp?
    1. The grades 6-8 age group was selected based on a number of factors including curriculum, content, and social considerations.  With that said, considerations can be made on a case by case basis, when appropriate
  2. There are so many other STEM related camps in the area to choose from.  What makes Zerone Lab camps ‘Premium’?
    1. We use VEX Robotics hardware and programming software.  VEX Robotics is a world renowned product and is a leader in connecting their robotics products to youth learners.  VEX also has created an international, friendly competitive event structure that attracts youth programmers from around the world, to share, compete, and collaborate!
    2. We have experienced OCT teachers running each camp, with skilled and experienced high school and university volunteers present as assistants.  Having experienced, licenced teachers present at these sessions raises the accountability bar, allowing camp attendees to maximize their learning in a fun and safe environment.
    3. There are so many STEM opportunities out there.  Coding IS exploding!  These days, there are numerous means available to learn about coding, robotics and programming.  Many of these learning opportunities can come at little to no cost! To this we say, “Go for it!”.  Take advantage of any opportunity to learn and immerse your child in STEM activities. The Zerone Lab competitive edge provides your child with an opportunity to actually see their coding in action and to utilize these skills by solving actual real world problems!
    4. Our three tiered structure allows for growth and advancement in the youth STEM community, allowing room for those who are truly passionate about robotics to move forward and even have the opportunity to represent Canada on the world stage.
  3. Who are the instructors?
    1. Our instructors have experience in all facets of coding, programming, and robotics- specifically the VEX Robotics Hardware.  They are all Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) certified, have CPR/First Aid and have all passed a vulnerable sector police background check.Our programming and course content has been developed by professional programmers working alongside with teachers to provide the most interactive and informative programming and robotics experience around!
  4. What is your refund policy?
    1. Refund requests received 30 days or more before the start of the camp will be granted a full refund, minus an administration fee of 10%.
    2. Refunds are not granted for unforeseen facility closures or inclement weather conditions.
  5. How much does the camp cost?
    1. Please refer to camp details.