2020 Summer Camp

Introduction: 2020 VEX & English Summer Camp offers extensive 14 days learning and activity experience. Students will learn how to build and program robots using premium VEX robotics hardware, learn and practicing English in an authentic English environment. The camp will be based in Waterloo Ontario - the "Silicon Valley" of Canada.

Students will start from learning what is VEX Robotics, understanding the robot brain, then create their first robot program - playing with sounds and light, build a moving robot, program the robot to navigate maze, and eventually use multiple sensors and robotic gripping devices to build a robot that is ready to compete with each others in the High Rise Challenge competition.

Students will also learn native English in an immersive environment. They will learn the culture of Canada, prepare for a presentation, learn how to create Power Point slides for their presentation, and present their robots for the competition. They will also show their learning outcomes in a Presentation Competition that will be judged by city councillor, Professors from University of Waterloo, etc.


In addition to the learning experience, students will enjoy various activities, from sports like soccer, basket ball and hockey, to tours to the Google Headquarter Canada and Apple Inc. Canada. They will also visit Canada's most famous tourism sites such as the Niagara Falls, Royal Ontario Museum, University of Toronto - the No. 1 ranked University in Canada, and University of Waterloo - the "Tsinghua University" of Canada.

At the end of the camp, students will not only enjoy building, and competing with their own robots, learning and practicing speaking and listening skills, but also the experience of a wonderful trip in Canada. We sincerely hope that all students will have the best memories of our 2020 Summer Camp.

Schedule:  Aug. 9 (Sunday), 2020 - Aug. 15 (Saturday), 2020 (14 days including arrival and departure days)

Location: University of Waterloo, Ontario Canada

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